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Style wondered if any of his late heroes left any cool songs unrecorded... They did.
From the author of "Ain't Got No Cigarettes - Memories of Music Legend Roger Miller" comes the first of its kind CD project inspired from experiences writing the book... "Cutting Room Floor"

“Outrageously brilliant… 5 out of 5 Stars!” – Maverick Magazine

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  • Maverick The voice of country, folk, bluegrass and roots music.
  • Royalty Free Music Royalty Free Music for use in creative audio-visual projects including YouTube, TV, Film, Websites, PowerPoint, Animations, All Media.
  • Check out the man that has made a huge impact on the life and career of our very own Lyle E Style. Bill Dees is a legendary songwriter, a fantastic singer and a very close friend to Lyle. Bill has a CD available online that is a must own! Check out "Saturday Night at the Movies" to hear some of the brilliant songs that Bill wrote with Roy Orbison, some of which have never been released until now! Experience the legend of Bill Dees!
  • Roger Miller fan site From Australia, A great man named Michael Clark has put together the most complete collection of Roger Miller lyrics, Album releases and other great information about the ultimate Singer-Songwriter: Roger Miller 
  • John Brack Wicked country singing star from Switzerland.
  •  Things were never the same since Style discovered the music and genius of this amazing singer-songwriter. He highly recommends checking out the site and picking up the "King of the Road" 3 disc box set (best money Style ever spent).
  •  The original outlaw. Waylon is simply the coolest artist in the history of Country Music and Lyle is proud to hang out with him and his crew every now and then. This site is awesome, what a career!
  • Merle is one of Style's all time favourite singers, his phrasing and expressions when he sings are completely unique. Merle is also one of the nicest guys Style has ever met. Check out the legend of Merle Haggard
  • Mel is one of the greatest guys in the entertainment business, he puts on a great show as well. When in Branson be sure to see his show, Lyle always does.
  •  Style met Johnny Cash once but can't remember it because he was in such awe of this unbelievable legend. "We were on his tour bus, and I don't remember a thing I said to him. But I've got the pictures to prove it." Style recalls. The world of Johnny Cash is a sweet world indeed.
  • Micky Newbury Mickey Newbury is an amazing songwriter, he's written some great songs including "Swiss Cottage Place" for Roger Miller, "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" for Kenny Rogers, "American Trilogy" for Elvis Presley and many more. Mickey is one of the nicest guys to talk to and a great singer, check out his site!
  • Alicia Tait lovely young up-and-coming singer/songwriter.
  • A great list from the Netherlands of some of the world's best alternative country artists


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